“Where’s My Tesla?” 6.17.16

“Where’s My Tesla?” 6.17.16

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1st 30 days

Today on the Don Geronimo Show, Don starts off by asking Little Joe if he ever heard back from his boyfriend, Deuce.  Don then gives us an update on Oscar.  Don shared with us that he’s now on Snapchat!  Don talked about Mike O’Meara’s fans and their GoFundMe page sending Mike to the Masters and Rob A on a Disney cruise, and Don asks his fans, where’s his trip?  Don later tells his fans he would love a black or white Tesla, and it doesn’t have to be brand new.  Don calls McDonalds headquarters to find out if it’s ok to bring in food of a competitor into their store.  Little Joe reads the latest Facebook post from Steve Bryant, the alligator assassin.  Don discovered that Pornhub is now offering porn for the blind, so Don and Little Joe take a listen to see if it works.  Friend of the show Vinny Bucci joined the boys to talk about his upcoming wrestling match for Adult Swim, against a girl!  The boys had a phone scan as usual, including a weekend call from “David Haynes”.


Don had his random clips with a reporter asking the Dalai Lama about Caddyshack, and Jayson Werth getting crazy after a walk off win.  Little Joe started his news and comments with an update on everything Orlando, right before comedian Marcella Arguello joined the boys in studio to promote her upcoming shows at the Punchline, www.PunchlineSac.com.  While in studio Marcella talked about the disappointment when discovering a man isn’t sized up the way she thought he would be and gave the boys a taste of her Toni Braxton impression.  Little Joe finished his news and comments including the strange passing of former Bears lineman Bryan Robinson.  And Don picked the song to close the show and went with David Lee Roth and California Girls.

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