“RIP Alan Thicke” 12.14.16

“RIP Alan Thicke” 12.14.16

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Today on the Don Geronimo Show, Don starts off by asking Little Joe for an update on his nut and the hot technician who gave him the ultrasound.  Don then paid tribute to Alan Thicke who passed away yesterday at the age of 69.  Don then talk about Walmart and Amazon selling mugs that said “Got Hitler” and “Got Retard”.  Don played a video of a man using his kids to get a million views on youtube that Little Joe instantly called BS over.  Don called Kanye West Donald Trumps puppet after their meeting yesterday.  Don then told us his famous story of program director Tom Bigby.  Don had the latest from the National Enquirer including Castro admitting he killed JFK before he died, and a story of a heartless Tom Hanks.  Don played for us the dumbest Bills fan to date.  The boys had a phone scan with a call from Alan Thicke from the grave predicting the next 3 to die, including Little Joe.

LJ Call

Don had his random stories including a man pranking women on Plenty Of Fish, a proposal wasting tax payers money, Triple H telling a story of how Donald Trump really thought Vince McMahon was blown up in a limo, and Joe Piscopo playing on running for Governor of New Jersey.  And in honor of Alan Thicke, the boys played his son Robin and his hit “Blurred Lines” to close the show.

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