“Pumpkin Spice What?” 09.11.17

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We sadly bid adieu to @littlejoeradio, who told Don his heart wasn’t in it. We wish THE best for Joe in the future. Love ya, bud.

Then there was the hurricane coverage. NFL opening weekend. Ray Donovan.

Don announced the co host gig will go to…. no one! We have hired a booker for the show. Tomorrow’s guest is Chris Hansen from To Catch A Predator.

ALSO: we finally have full video coverage of whatever Don is watching on the air. Our daily interactive video feed is live 7-9a PST and also as a download daily. Check it out! If Don is watching some idiot on YouTube, you’ll see it with Don.

We ended today with a listen to D&M live from New York City 16 years ago today.

Never Forget.




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