“PTI Shout Out!” 08.24.17

“PTI Shout Out!” 08.24.17

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Today on the Don Geronimo Show…

Don started off with a little soundboard fun from Harrison Ford to Christian Bale.

Don played a clip from PTI, where Tony shouts out Don’s old producer, Beth Ann McBride. 

Don called Beloit College to compliment them on their recent list.

Don gave us an update on Maurice, the ‘Blacks for Trump’ guy.

Don and Little Joe debate the real reason why Colin Kaepernick is currently not on a NFL roster.

The boys had another fantastic Stump the Stoop, courtesy of Jerry in Portland. 

Don wrapped things up with a couple of British men finding pleasure on the road.

And they closed the show with Steve Miller and “The Joker”.

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