Lorne’s Tech Corner

LORNEIf you are having issues with the LiveStream, downloads, chat or the website in general, we want to know about it. Our subscribers are our top priority. Have a look at these frequent tech questions but if you don’t see your issue, please use my email link below and be as descriptive as you can. I’ll try to get back with you within one business day – Lorne


General Tech Stuff

If you are using an iPhone, be advised that the latest iOS updates have placed large resource demands on your streaming video access. It seems to be an issue particularly with the Safari browser. Please consider installing either a Chrome or Firefox browser app on your iPhone. These are less prone to these demands.

If you are using an Android OS, please try restarting the device

On a desktop, please try restarting.

If the problem persists, contact me directly by using the form below.

The audio downloads are anywhere from 150-200Mb each. At this size, they require alot of resources from the device to which you are downloading them. If downloading to a mobile device, it is suggested that you close any unnecessary apps and use a business or home wireless connection. 3G and 4G connections naturally fluctuate based on your location. If you are downloading from a desktop and a home or business network, you may just be downloading at a busy time. Don’s site puts out from 2,000 to 3,700 downloads per show. Please try downloading on an off-hour.

From time to time, a show audio file will corrupt or error on our end prior to or during the saving process. Sometimes this bad file will still post to the website but is not downloadable. If this happens, please contact us using the form below. Almost all recent files are backed up at the studio. If the file in question is available, we will try to correct it and repost.

From time to time, technical issues with connectivity or at Live Stream will interrupt the broadcast for a short period. This is usually less than 30 seconds. When the stream reconnects, you will see a play button. Just click to reconnect.

Depending on your connection or the internet traffic in your neighborhood, your connection to the internet and to the video stream, may slow down. Video streaming requires and significant amount of bandwidth to play uninterrupted. Fear not! When the buffering is complete, the player will play in DVR mode and will start where you left off. You can move forward and backward in the broadcast just like with your cable/satellite DVR unit at home.

To make changes to your subscription your account dashboard is HERE.

Log into your subscription account here. Then go to “Account and Billing” in the left column. You can make various changes to your account on this page.

With all of the passwords we need to remember in our lives, is it any wonder that we type the wrong one in for a website occasionally? It’s likely that this is the only problem. For security purposes, we can’t send you your existing password, but you may reset it by going here:
and clicking the “Forgot your password?” link and following the instructions. If you continue to run into a problem with this, please use the form below/here to contact me.

We are aware of this issue and are working with LiveStream and (by by proxy) Apple to resolve it. You can keep updated on the progress on this page.

Most reported issues like this are quickly resolved by clearing the cache of your internet browser. On a mobile browser, please make sure you operating system is also updated.

Clear cache on iPhone, click here…

Clear cache on Android, click here…


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