iOS 9.3+ Issue

from Lorne James,
DGS Web Monkey


Issue resolved.


Our amazing and unpaid listener/tech, Lois, reports in that she is able to access the live feed on wireless and LTE under Firefox and Safari (iOS 9.3.1) WITHOUT refreshing. She is using these pages:

UPDATE: Support at LiveStream suggests that they have locked down the problem and resolved. Be sure to clear your iOS browser cache so that you receive the most recent page code.
DGS Viewers are now testing.



Subscribers are still experiencing embed errors under iOS 9.3+. Reports that refreshing multiple times in Firefox can kick the embed into gear. I am continuing to work with LiveStream but they are frightfully slow on the uptake.


I am hearing on Twitter that the new pages with pared down code below are working properly on iOS 9.3+ on other browsers now. Not sure if this because of the new code or LiveStream got their act together. I’m going to keep these links up until I can confirm that the original pages also work properly. Please Tweet me at @iqdesign if you have more info. Thanks for your ongoing patience!

UPDATE: It appears that the original links still do not embed the video for iOS 9.3+. Firefox still seems to be the browser of choice for now on the [below links]. Lois reports that it may take a refresh or two to get the embed to kick in.



Viewer and fellow tech-nut/troubleshooter, Lois, reports that this URL that I created with pared down code is working with the live feed in the Firefox app on iPhone with iOS 9.3.1. I am an Android guy so I cannot confirm.
Still working to correct the issue for all other browsers under iOS 9.3+.

UPDATE: Lois reports in that past shows are now viewable with the Firefox app (and possibly other browsers) on iPhones at this experimental area:



We have been told that iOS 9.3+ with a Firefox browser can now receive the embedded LiveStream feed. I will confirm this later today.
UPDATE: Firefox access is spotty.
UPDATE: From our intrepid subscriber hero, Lois: “the link works in Firefox only when connected to wifi. Won’t work on LTE. ”



Tried some experimenting on my own while LiveStream upgraded this to a higher level of support (but they don’t work on the weekends). I pared down the embed code to attempt to make it easier for iOS to accept the security level but to no avail. A big shout out to subscriber and fellow tech-gearhead, Lois, for her assistance. I’ll be reaching out to LiveStream Monday morning to gain some more insight on the issue.

Neither Android nor desktop access to the LiveStream feeds seem to have been affected.



Again, we are so sorry for the ongoing inconvenience regarding our live feed not loading on the iOS update 9.3+. The resolution of this remains our top priority.

The problem seems to lie in how the live feed is viewed by the updated iOS. LiveStream’s techs seem to think that Apple is now relaying LiveStream feeds through a proxy server for which we have not authorized in our security. LiveStream is speaking with Apple to resolve the error. We will happily make any changes necessary to our website or LiveStream configuration to make this happen. Don and I thank you greatly for your patience.

Please continue to watch the live feed via your desktop or borrowed Android mobile.

Please hang in there! Thanks again.