“Godfrey” 12.9.16

“Godfrey” 12.9.16

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Today on the Don Geronimo Show, Don started off by teasing their man on the streets Chris coming in for the after show, bringing in his virtual reality glasses…which lead Don to playing for us a treat from the 70’s, a song about VD.  Little Joe gave us the final verdict on his bad choices class, which Don compared Little Joe to Tom Cruise from “A Few Good Men”.  This lead to the boys to discuss Tom Cruises career and at what point did he have a drop off.  The great Sean Salisbury joined the boys to discuss the Raiders loss to the Chiefs, how he believes the Patriots are still the team to beat and how he absolutely hates the fade route.  Little Joe gave us an update on his testicle, which his doctor wants an ultra sound done, stat!  Don played an uplifting video of Jerkman’s daughter Gracie that almost brought Little Joe to tears.  So the boys followed that up with comedian Godfrey sharing with us how he hates families, which did bring LJ to tears.  Godfrey continued by calling Eli Manning the Forrest Gump of quarterbacks before picking this weeks games.  The boys had a phone scan highlighted with a call bashing Utzig right before Don had one last story of a real life “Bad Santa”.  And in honor of Jacob Dylan’s birthday the boys closed the show with the Wallflowers and “One Headlight”.

LJ Call

Today on the bonus show Don and Little Joe welcomed back of course, Kevin Kronic (www.KronicTalk.com) and their man on the streets, Chris.  While in studio the boys had their usual smoke session while trying to figure out Chris’ virtual reality glasses.  And Don wrapped the show with the most bizarre adult searched sites.  And to honor John Lennon a day after the anniversary of his death, the boys closed the show with the Beatles “Don’t Let Me Down”.

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