“There! Are! Four! Lights!” 12.15.16

“There! Are! Four! Lights!” 12.15.16

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Today on the Don Geronimo Show, Don starts off by sharing his famous “Aunt Lola” story.  Little Joe gave us an update on his ball, and informed us of the steps he’s taking to solve the problem.  Don warned everyone when watching the game tonight, listen for Al Michaels and his pronunciation of Seattle Seahawks.  Don told us about the Muslim woman who lied about being harassed by Donald Trump supporters, which lead Don to share a PSA of a bunch of nobody celebrities trying to change the electoral college vote.  Don gave us an update on his phone and the movies he currently has on his phone.  Don played audio of Comcast employees being jerks while cars crashed in the snow behind them…which reminded Don of a Star Trek episode where Piccard yelled out, “There are four lights!”  Don told us the genius behind Starbucks screwing up your name.  Don challenged In Dak We Trust to come in and do 10 minutes of radio to when the show returns from vacation.  Don talked about the latest round of CBS firings.  Don shared the 1985 hit courtesy of the LA Rams, “Ram It”.  The boys had a phone scan highlighted with the great “David Haines”.

LJ Call

Don had his random stories including to old women searching for a candle shop crashing into a loading ramp, a Good Day LA anchor crashing into a camera and a feel good story that only Little Joe would enjoy.  And in honor of Dave Clark’s birthday the boys closed the show with “Glad All Over”.

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