“Fernando’s Trump Butt Plugs” 7.15.15

“Fernando’s Trump Butt Plugs” 7.15.15

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Show starts with some discussion of the percentage of gay each of the guys is.
There’s a clip from “The Cosby Show” about the “secret sauce” he uses in his bbq.
Whoopi Goldberg finally changes her stance on Cosby.
There were some really dumb contastants at this year’s Miss USA!
OUT CALL WEDNESDAY, and the guys call Mike form the Bay Area, Ca. He is a professional dog poop scooper and makes $10g a month at it! An American success story!
Then the guys talk to another American success story, Fernando from South Fla who is making a Donald Trump butt plug! Buy yours today by visiting Shapeways.com!
A very lackluster PhoneScan, for sure. Better calls = Better radio, so do your part!
Boy George and Jack Black sing!
A link to an old 8mm movie of the SCTV cast in a softball game, circa 1982.
That IS Tom Cruise doing those stunts in MI 4.
* Sacramento NAACP thinks a carton of mayor Kevin Johnson on the cover of a local free newspaper is racist
* NASA’s New Horizions spacecraft gave us our 1st look at Pluto
* Trump is #1 in a GOP/USA Today poll
BULLETIN! The guys stop the show for a high speed chase in LA. It turns out to be a good one, with an exciting eending! BULLETIN!
* Miss USA Pageant got tiny ratings
* TV Ratings, Ray Donovan, AGT, Under The Dome et al
* No truth to the story NBC will replace Donald Trump with George Lopez

Closing Song: Fernando / Abba
Total Show Run Time: 2:51

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