“1985 Stump The Stoop” 03.10.17

“1985 Stump The Stoop” 03.10.17

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Show starts with some talk of buying and returning a greeting card without a receipt.

Will Don see Lego Batman this weekend?

Writing incense erotica on a plane is no way to go through life.

Is Julian Edelman Jewish?

A great edition of Stump The Stoop courtesy Gerry in Portland. Today, the top 30 songs from this date in 1985!

Your calls! VM: 844.818.1140 OR Live Line when the show is ON: 916.668.9084

A fun OT show with Kev Kronick, a discussion about the biggest jerks in the NFL, and opening a champagne bottle with one’s anus. Subscribe today for this and all the other OT shows in our archives!

Back on Monday with an all new show. Have a great weekend!



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